About Us

We are a one-stop-shop for sustainable products and solutions

Established in 2019, AGTC Kuwait aims to provide products and solutions for sustainable living on our planet. We are aware and honoured of our shared values with our customers in protecting our environment for which we do extensive hands-on research on every product before we provide them to our customers. Therefore we do not comprise in our quality of service to our customers.

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We firmly believe that sustainability is the only way forward And We also affirm on the fact that a sustainable life on our planet is attainable by not using products that harm our environment. We can all contribute positively to our environment by consciously taking small steps in not purchasing such harmful products. We present to you carefully curated handpicked products obtained through travel encounters, extensive hands-on research across the globe. It’s with immense pleasure we want to share with you our passion for sustainable living. We hope you will love it as much as we like to provide these products for you.

 Team AGTC